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Through its programs the Tarboche Foundation bears witness to the sorrows and courage of the Tibetan people, wherever they live.

Our web-based MONASTERY PROJECT is documenting the history and status of Tibetan monasteries, providing maps, photographs, descriptive information, and personal narratives of monks and nuns.

Our ORAL HISTORY PROJECT is collecting the life stories of Tibetan refugees who are living in the settlement of Mundgod in south India and in the Boulder-Denver area.

The TARBOCHE MEMORIAL PARK has been established on 5 acres near Crestone, Colorado. With its flags and prayers sent aloft by the wind, the Park is intended for all victims of terrorism and oppression around the world.

The Foundation is raising funds to construct a school for intensive English instruction for former Tibetan political prisoners. TARBOCHE HOUSE will provide living accommodations and classrooms for 20 students in English, Tibetan, and computer skills.  

Lha gyal lo - May the gods prevail


The Tarboche Foundation is a tax exempt, non profit, 501 (c) 3 organization

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